We’re adding another HERO to our lineup!

We have some exciting news! ConnectCareHero is expanding its reach through the acquisition of HappyGram, a card-delivery service for older adults. On Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, ConnectCareHero and HappyGram entered into a definitive agreement for ConnectCareHero to acquire HappyGram.

HappyGram is currently in 315+ healthcare communities in 35 states- with one location in Scotland! In the past two years, the company has delivered over 50,000 HappyGrams to older adults in local communities. HappyGram perfectly aligns with ConnectCareHero’s mission to combat loneliness by helping older adults feel more connected to their loved ones. Our ConnectCareHero team is beyond excited for the opportunity to streamline HappyGram’s systems. With our advanced technology, we will help HappyGram achieve its goal of reaching 2,500 communities by 2024.

In conjunction with the recent acquisition, it is a great honor to introduce our newest ConnectCareHero team member, JP Helgens, Co-Founder of HappyGram! JP is bringing his passion for connecting generations to ConnectCareHero. “Our mission with HappyGram.org is to decrease loneliness and increase happiness in senior communities by helping older adults feel more connected by receiving meaningful mail,” says Helgens.
With over 50,000 HappyGrams delivered, our data reveals that people who send HappyGrams feel more connected to their loved ones and vice versa. “These past years with HappyGram have truly been some of the most rewarding of my life, and I am beyond excited to continue the journey with ConnectCareHero. I believe our shared mission of connecting generations will improve the lives of older adults and their families in the United States and beyond.”

Osvaldo, CEO of ConnectCareHero, says, “HappyGram is an amazing engagement solution that makes an immediate impact on the lives of our older adults. Adding this service fits perfectly into the work we are already doing. Bringing JP onto the ConnectCareHero team adds immediate value as we continue to grow and scale our business.”

JP’s excitement about this new chapter is shared by his family, who created HappyGram for their grandfather. “Our family is ecstatic to be partnering with a company whose vision aligns so closely with ours. ConnectCareHero’s cutting-edge technology will enable HappyGram to provide meaningful connections for more older adults and their loved ones,” says the Helgens family.

If you want to use HappyGram to send a free card to your parents, grandparents, or loved one’s community…just fill out the form below, and we will reach out to offer HappyGram to their location 💌😀


JP Helgens, COO of ConnectCareHero & Co-Founder of HappyGram!




The digital social platform for organizations to combat against social isolation by bringing live immersive activity programming for older adults 65+

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The digital social platform for organizations to combat against social isolation by bringing live immersive activity programming for older adults 65+

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