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“Connected” by ConnectCareHero “Bridging the gap in senior living through enriching conversations” Connected is a digital show is dedicated to informing, educating and influencing the future of social engagement services for older adults in senior living. Each month, we provide industry professionals, namely operators, gerontologists, providers, caregivers, entertainers, therapists, geriatricians, and developers with the space to share their journey, impact, and lessons learned in caring for the aging population.

Bojie is an Entrepreneur, Co-founder and operator in Senior Living. He helped create and sold a successful survey company. He is an educator, and when he’s not empowering young adults to be their best, Bojie enjoys immersing himself in culture and traveling. Together with his family, he helps impact the lives of older adults and caregivers through his work at Casa de Alegre.

The digital social platform for organizations to combat against social isolation by bringing live immersive activity programming for older adults 65+