The holidays and importance of socializing

Happy Holidays from the ConnectCareHero Team!

The Christmas season can be a very busy and hectic time for us all. Buying gifts for every member of the family, prepping Christmas Eve dinner, prepping Christmas dinner, figuring out who’s coming to dinner and every other little detail can all be very overwhelming.

The most important thing to remember during this busy season is our loved ones. The holiday prep is great but it isn’t why we celebrate. The holiday season is about spending time with and cherishing our loved ones, young and old. This Christmas season looks different that it has in the past but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate and show our loved ones that we care.

Showing our love and appreciation for those we love is so important this holiday season. We may not be able to gather all together in person this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all be together. Technology has grown and we get to reap the benefits. Loved ones are just a phone call away. Whether it be through a text, phone call, or video call, we can show our family and friends our love. You can even bring in the whole extended family with a zoom call. The options are endless.

Here at ConnectCareHero, we know the importance of connection. We know the importance and desire to stay connected and bridge the gap between seniors in care facilities and families. We work hard every day to foster connection between our senior loved ones, their families, and senior care staff with creativity and innovation.

This season may look different but it just means that we need to be creative about how we show our love and appreciation. Creativity makes that world go around and we all have the opportunity to add to the creativity. What really matters if finding fun new ways to connect with our loved ones while we are separated. Time spent with those we love is some of the best ways to spend our time. No matter what that time together looks like, it is important and well worth the extra effort to be together and to do it safely.

The digital social platform for organizations to combat against social isolation by bringing live immersive activity programming for older adults 65+

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