5 Ways to Connect Families to Their Loved Ones in Senior Care Facilities

COVID-19 has made it very difficult to stay in contact with our loved ones, especially our loved ones living in senior care facilities. We miss seeing them and they miss seeing us. We need to be thinking of creative ways to stay in contact with our loved ones during this time of isolation. Here are 5 easy ways to reconnect with your friends and family living in senior care.

1. Facetime, Skype, & Zoom

Organizations and individuals alike have ramped up their usage of video chatting services like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom during this socially distanced and isolated time. Senior living facilities have been doing the same as they have been continually connecting their residents to their loved ones who aren’t able to visit them in person.

2. Phone Calls

The good, old-fashioned phone call is still a great way to get in contact with your loved one. You can call their cell, their room phone, or the front desk to ask to be placed in contact with them.

3. Window Visits

Some senior care organizations are allowing visitors to see their loved ones and chat with them through their windows. Personally, I was able to visit my great-grandmother who is living in assisted living by sitting at opposite ends of a very long table separated by a plastic wall. It was good to be able to see her and have a conversation with her face to face.

4. Cards & Letters

Everyone loves getting a kind, handwritten note in the mail. It is a good way to remind your loved ones that you are thinking about them during this difficult time. Learn about companies like Happygram who are helping organizations to provide customized cards and letters the families can send at any time. Learn more at https://happygram.org/.

5. ConnectCareHero’s Family App

ConnectCareHero’s digital tools can help senior living communities by offering a free Family App to their families. Through the Family App, we are able to keep families connected to their loved ones in senior care facilities by allowing them to keep up to date with the activities that their loved one is up to.

Right now, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are remembering your loved ones in senior care. The issue of social isolation has only been exaggerated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the above-mentioned ways are excellent methods to make sure that your loved ones know you’re thinking about them.

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