5 Great Ways to Engage Your Senior Living Community

Social isolation is an ever-growing problem within senior care facilities and organizations. This issue has only been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of social interaction that older adults have experienced. Promoting engagement and interaction is extremely important for both the mental and physical health of our older adults. Here are five simple ways that you can promote engagement within your senior care organization.

1. Unwind by Utilizing Music Therapy

Live music and music therapy can have a massive impact on the engagement and interaction of your older adult population. They can relive old memories by hearing some of their favorite songs through live music performances.

2. Get Active with Exercise Classes

Exercise is an excellent way to get your seniors moving around while promoting healthy behavior at the same time. Going on a socially distanced walk or hosting a sit-and-fit class with a virtual trainer are some great ways to do this.

3. Provide Live & Exciting Entertainment

Comedians, dancers, circus performers, and magicians are all wonderful acts that people of all age groups can enjoy, including your residents. These performers can provide virtual entertainment that many older adults haven’t been able to experience in a long time.

4. Take Your Residents on Virtual Tours

Hire a virtual tour guide to take your residents on walking trips around local museums, parks, and landmarks. This is a great way to get your resident to interact and engage with their city.

5. Host Educational Lectures and Seminars

You’re never too old to learn something new. Have your residents interact with a virtual speaker to converse about a topic they’re familiar with or teach them about an entirely new one.

There are many other ways to encourage your older adults to become more engaged. Without the proper engagement and interaction, older adults can fall into a cycle of social isolation which is a cause for an increased risk of dementia and other health concerns.

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